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Quick Pitch Quick-en-Suite Box Shower Tent (hard case)

Shower tent kit and privacy cabin in one. Made of durable material. Powder coated for ultimate protection. Adjustable in height.
VAT Inc.

The Quick-en-suite Box is the solution for campers and caravans that are not equipped with a shower facility. This curtain unit is ideal for a private shower room or for changing. The box will never rust, because the entire product is galvanized and powder coated. The curtains are also made of durable material, the color is silver on the inside for light and safari green on the outside.

Quick-Pitch has provided adjustable straps, so the height can be adjusted to the height of the car. A double-sided zipper on the left, allows access to the inside. The box has four holes on the back, which are neatly covered with a cap. The box can be mounted by means of these holes.
Dimensions (LxBxH): 110,0 cm x 10,0 cm x 21,0 cm
Mounting holes diameter: 8,0mm
Material: 2,0mm aluminium
Brand zippers: YKK 

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